Wednesday, January 23, 2008

dNeero Survey: Movies Outside the Movie Theater

Survey time again! This one's about movies and the out-of-theater experience.

  1. Do you buy DVDs of movies you missed watching in theaters? No, I usually rent them. Then, if I like em enough, I may buy them.
  2. Do you have an HD Video player (Blu Ray or HD DVD)? I answered no, but now I'm thinking I might... My mother in law got us a new DVD player for Christmas, and it might be high def. I guess I could go look at it and see, but I'd rather not, and it doesn't really matter all that much to me anyway.
  3. Do you invite friends over to watch movies in your home? No. Or at least, not very often. We have done so a time or two, but it's been a while.
  4. Do you watch more movies at home or in the theatre? Regardless of your answer, please explain it. At home, thanks to NetFlix.
  5. Are you choosy in watching movies outside of movie theaters? Not really. I used to be when we were renting from Blockbuster, but now it doesn't matter how many I rent, it's the same price every month, so I can afford to rent stuff I'm not sure I'll like.
  6. The movies I watch ouside movie theatres depend upon ... I chose mood, preference for type, preference for actor and other. The other is random. Since I do most of my renting through NetFlix, it just depends on when a movie lands itself in the top of my queue. I kinda like the surprise, so I usually don't look to see what's coming next.
  7. Do you get your movies back to the rental store on time? I answered "always" but really, there should be a "not applicable." There's no due date with NetFlix.
  8. Would you appreciate a cell phone text message from the rental store that reminds you about rental return due dates? No. In fact, I'd stop renting from any store that insisted on doing this.
  9. Theatres are going to be obsolete with the advent of internet rentals. FALSE. No matter what, you just can't duplicate the big screen experience at home. Well, at least not without a LOT of space and a LOT of expense.
  10. Why do you see a movie outside the theater AFTER you have already seen it in the theater? I think one of the truest tests of how good a movie is, is whether you'd watch it again or not. The best movies reveal new things with each viewing. There are some that I've seen so many times that I know every word of dialog, and others that I wouldn't watch more than once.
Wow -- looking that over, the whole thing kinda reads as a NetFlix ad, but I assure you it's not. I just really really like their service, and I use it a lot. If you use NetFlix too and would like to add me to your friends list, just click here.

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