Monday, June 26, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings June 25th

    1. Newspaper :: Dallas Morning News

    2. Crucify :: Christ

    3. Sausage :: Italian (interestingly, I just shared this recipe with Jami this morning!)

    4. Handy :: Man

    5. Cloak :: Dagger

    6. Drunk :: Disorderly

    7. Fuel :: Expensive

    8. Caress :: Soap

    9. Itch :: Allergies

    10. Vehicle :: Jeep

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings June 18th

  1. Voice :: Song

  2. Us :: Them

  3. Passionately :: Fire

  4. Humbly :: Meek

  5. Love songs :: Ballads

  6. Dim :: Dark

  7. Calendar :: Plans

  8. Careless :: Ignorant

  9. Block :: Lego

  10. Goal :: Dream (I just came across this while searching for an appropriate link, and it gave me giggles, so there ya go!)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Now this is good marketing

Maybe we should buy a second home in North Carolina

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings June 11th

  1. Band :: Marching

  2. Tan :: Cancer

  3. Mount :: Rushmore (Yes, there is a connection here -- I rolled up Mt. Rushmore while playing We Love Katamari last night, which is what brought it to mind...)

  4. Arcade :: Game

  5. Customize :: Personalize

  6. Hamburger :: Hot Dog

  7. Solid :: Liquid

  8. Forbidden :: Planet (I've never actually seen this, so I'm not sure why it came to mind, but there ya go...)

  9. Deter :: Avoid

  10. Torment :: Tantalus

Monday, June 12, 2006

Grumpamoose Returns

Not that I honestly think I was tremendously missed by anyone not known personally and even then probably not very much, but I have decided to make another go at this blogging thing. I have however found myself self censoring much of what is on my mind at random times, mainly to limit how much I annoy Bun-girl. (Not that it does much good). However, since my brain is still as it was lo those many months ago when I killed the Grumpamoose, I need to have an outlet somehow.

So here I am again. I will make no promises about topics or frequency of posts, and again I am not going to flatter myself that my opinions really matter to anyone but me. But I will make a effort to be more active

Sunday, June 11, 2006

fun with Jami and Frenzy

Don't let Grump's expression fool you -- we had a great time with Jami and Frenzy this week. We're both so glad you guys got to come up and see us, and of course, you are welcome to come back anytime!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

X-3, the return of the obsession

So I saw X-3 yesterday. I won't give away any spoilers, so don't worry. Let me just say that I was totally unprepared to find myself crying in the middle of a superhero movie! It was so good though!

Meanwhile, conversations with a certain blog-friend (who is coming to visit me this week!!!) about this movie have revived my interest in the whole X-Men/Marvel comic book universe. This means Grump is in trouble, though he does not know it yet! I used to be a fairly (obsessively) devoted fan of Wolverine as well as several other titles. The guys in the comic store I frequented knew me by name and new my taste well enough to recommend new titles to me on occasion. I spent hours pouring over each issue I got, and sketched my favorite characters regularly. Ok, yeah, in short I was a bit of a dork about the whole thing. (To clarify, I am still a dork, just not so much about the comics lately!) So anyway, I spent some time looking up all of my old favorites on Marvel's website, and it got me thinking. A few years before I moved out, my Mom did the Mom thing an threw out some of my old comics because they were starting to look a bit worse for wear. Of course, the ones that were looking so ragged were my favorite books. I replaced several of them, but my #1 pick I was never able to find again. The guys at the comic store couldn't figure out what issue it was any more than I could, and eventually I gave up on it. Of course, that was before I became so enamoured with this wonderful tool we call the internet! So, In about ten minutes I tracked down my long, lost book (would've been less if it wasn't for this darned slow dial-up) and it is now on order at Lone Star Comics. (which is actually somewhat local for me, so I don't even have to pay for shipping!) I should have it tomorrow. Well, they said Monday or Tuesday, which could mean Wednesday, but I am choosing to firmly believe that it will be in my hands TOMORROW (do you hear that guys? It WILL be here TOMORROW!!!) I think the obsession may be returning...

Unconscious Mutterings June 4th

  1. Fraud :: Crime

  2. Cure :: Race

  3. Slate :: Clean

  4. Pretentious :: Materialistic (oddly enough this was the Scripture Reference for the sermon at our church this morning!)

  5. Splendid :: Wonderful

  6. Geek :: Code ( GO d- s+: a- c++ U--- P L E W++ N o-- K- w O M V PS- PE Y-- PGP- t-- 5-- X+ R++ tv+ b++ DI++++ D- G- e* h-- r+++ x+++ )

  7. Blister :: In the Sun *language/content may not be appropriate for all audiences (hey -- it was high school -- I had no musical taste then apparently)

  8. Pizza :: Ham and Pineapple

  9. Revive :: CPR

  10. Visionary :: Revolutionary

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I can't wait to see the new X-Men Movie!

You Are Iceman

You tried to live a normal life, but it just wasn't possible
A bit of a slacker, you rather tell jokes than cultivate your powers

Powers: turning self and others into ice, making ice weapons, becoming nearly invisible

Word of the day: Crepuscular

Definition: most active during twilight hours.

Exe. Bunnies are crepuscular animals, because they tend to be most active at dusk and dawn.

Since I taught a friend about this word today, I just thought I would share it with the rest of you. ;)

Verse of the Day