Monday, January 07, 2008

How To Become a BunGirl Supporter

Many of you may have seen the widgets put out there by Scratchback. If you've been paying attention, you've even noticed that there was one in the sidebar of this blog for the past week or so. After going back and forth with someone from Scratchback today, I still couldn't get any help in making the widget actually WORK on this blog. Quite frankly, I'm so annoyed with the whole thing that I've decided to scrap it. So why am I writing about it, you ask? I'm scrapping the widget -- not the idea. I don't need a middleman anyway.

So, now if you look over there in the sidebar, you'll see a widget entitled "BunGirl's Supporters". It consists of a list of five links and a PayPal button. It doesn't have all the fancy graphics that Scratchback had, and it's not automated, but you can actually read the text, so I consider it a huge improvement. Also, Paypal's customer service is MILES above Scratchback's, and there won't be an extra cut out of what is donated, so more of the money will go straight to me, instead of making someone else rich.

So how do you get on that list, you may ask? Pretty simply actually. Just click on the PayPal button and donate $1 or more. Wait for your confirmation email from PayPal. Then email me (bungirl at gmail dot com -- it's also at the top of the PayPal form) and tell me three things:
  1. The Transaction Id (found on your confirmation email).
  2. The link you'd like posted.
  3. The text you'd like me to link.
So, for instance, your email should look something like this:
Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXX
Please link to:
Text: BunGirl's Featured Games
That's it! Then, I'll post your link and it will remain on the list until someone else knocks you off. I'm guaranteeing at least 24 hours, but I'm betting most links will stay there quite a bit longer than that.

Oh, one more thing. I won't be linking to any sites that display objectionable content. I won't refuse to link to anyone based on their race, creed, etc. but no hate sites, no spam sites, and absolutely NO porn. There will be no refunds for links I refuse, but I will give you a second chance to link to something else.


The Moose said...

No objectionable content huh. I guess I need to delete what I had planned to post later...;-)

Jayne d'Arcy said...

This is an excellent idea.

Bun-Girl said...

Why thank you! I thought so too... ;)

Christina said...

That is a nifty Idea. I have a paypal donate button on my blog AND a scratchback widget....maybe I need to try your idea since the neither one is going well at the moment.

Bun-Girl said...

Feel free to steal the idea and put it to work for you Christina... I haven't had much luck yet, but I have high hopes for it.

Christina said...

thanks...I even linked to your blog in my post ;)

Cindi - Moomettesgram said...

Great Blog & Idea! I'm going to try it too, & we'll see how it goes! I'll try to link back to your site..but have to figure out how!
I'm finding so many great sites from Entrecard! Thanks for sharing!

Princess said...

I've sent a dollar, Pinoy Teens Online here
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I've sent a dollar. (

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