Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Seven #125


This week's question:

Let’s suppose that you make an ill-advised bet, and discover exactly how ill-advised the bet actually was when you lose.

And let’s suppose that in your infinite confidence that you’d never lose, you agreed to bet that you’d get a tattoo if you didn’t win.

Name your top seven tattoo designs you’d get if you had to get a tattoo. (For extra credit, note whether you already have the tattoo(s) you list.)

Let me first disclose that I am completely and totally terrified of needles, or I'd probably already have at least the first one on this list. As is, I don't think there's any chance of me ever getting a tattoo, but it's fun to think about what I'd get if I did. So, here's my list. Click on the name of each to be taken to an example picture.
  1. A triquetra, centered around my belly button. For those that don't know, a triquetra is an old Celtic symbol, adopted by the Christian church to represent the trinity.
  2. A Celtic cross on my ankle. Hmm... I sense a theme here.
  3. A dragon circling my upper arm (couldn't find a picture of exactly what I'd want, but something simple like this, wrapped around my arm)
  4. My favorite scripture verse at the base of my neck
  5. Wings on my back
  6. A sun around my belly button
  7. An Icthus over my heart


Mike Riley said...

In order:
1./ Dopey
2./ Doc
3./ Grumpy
4./ Really Grumpy
5./ Happy
6./ Sleazy
7./ Betty Boop

Bun-Girl said...

Hmm... I sense a theme in yours too... lol

Princess Jami said...

Betty Boop, lol

I love that dragon, Bun-Girl. For the verse, would you have the reference only, so people would need to look it up? Or the words? That'd be cool.

Bun-Girl said...

Reference only I'm thinking. Tattooing the text itself might be a bit much...

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