Saturday, January 05, 2008

Photo Hunters: Delicious

This week's theme is "delicious," and since I can't afford an evening at my favorite restaurant right now, I decided instead to browse the pictures on my camera. Of course, a large number of those are from my trips to Russia.

This is one of my favorite Russian foods: Blini. Blini are basically extremely thin pancakes. We've seen them served as breakfast food, party foods, used like tortillas to make yummy lunches, or here as a part of a school cafeteria lunch. The ones in this picture are filled with apples and dusted with sugar, but they can be served with a seemingly endless list of toppings/fillings. We've been told that each Russian woman has her own style of making blini and the recipe is usually a closely guarded secret shared only with family. Too bad -- I'd love to learn to make these!

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The Moose said...

mmmmmm....bliny...with honey.....(drooling all over the keyboard)

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