Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Resolution

Most years when New Years Day comes and goes, if I bother to make any resolutions at all, I keep them to myself. Most often, my resolutions are pretty personal-type things, so that works well. This year however, I've decided to share my resolutions...

1. I WILL blog every day. Every day. All year. If I can't blog on a certain day, because things do happen, I will make up for it by blogging extra when I can. But whenever possible, I will post at least one thing per day.

2. I will spend more time with Grumpamoose. I suppose I've been somewhat lax about all the relationship maintenance stuff of late, and that's just not fair to either of us. So there you go honey -- you have it in writing.

3. I will try to remember what the truly important things in life are. Really, number two falls into this one, but I figure it's important enough to earn its own number.

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Andy D said...

Good luck with all of those. Hope you keep them :D.

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