Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The PAW Act

I was tipped off by Katreader about the following petition. While I know that internet petitions don't often lead to change, I do think it's important spread the word about issues like this one and a petition is a great way to do it. So take a look and pass it on!

Alaska is the only state in the nation where trophy hunters can gun down wolves from airplanes or chase wolves to exhaustion and then shoot them from the ground.

Alaskans have voted twice to end the state's brutal aerial hunting program, but state officials continue to let it happen by exploiting a loophole in federal law. This year's hunting season has already begun, and hundreds of wolves could be killed yet again.

Please sign this petition to urge Congress to close the loopholes and end aerial hunting of wolves:

Wolf opponents in Idaho and Wyoming are eager to follow Alaska's cruel example. Hundreds of wolves could be killed in the Northern Rockies if these states get their way.

Please sign the petition to save America's wolves and end aerial hunting:


jan said...

These are such beautiful and misunderstood animals. I hope when people know how badly nursery rhymes and false news stories have treated them, the wolves will have some protection.

Bun-Girl said...

I just hope that day comes sooner rather than later!

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