Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Seven #124

Well I had every intention of going with the same meme as I used last week, but it seems there aren't a new set of random questions for today. Sooooo... I picked another to try out: The Sunday Seven at Patrick's Place.


This week's question:
Name the seven highest-rated websites that you never or hardly ever visit.

Here are mine:
  1. Windows Live -- Just not that big a fan of Microsoft. I avoid them when possible. Since I'm running a Windows machine, that's not always, but I really don't tend to hang out at their site.
  2. -- NSFW!!! 'nuff said. (I can't believe how high this one is on the list of most visited sites on the internet!)
  3. AOL -- aka the evil empire. I hate AOL more than Microsoft.
  4. Megaupload -- never even heard of these guys. I don't really do much file sharing though, so that's no surprise.
  5. -- I had a email address once upon a time. That time was like seven years ago. Haven't spent any time there since.
  6. Photobucket -- I use my Xanga site for photo hosting. No need for Photobucket here.
  7. CNN -- Yuck. Just yuck.
So there's my list. If you're wondering what exactly this is all about, go ahead and click the logo to be taken to this week's question posting where the question is explained in a bit more detail. Also, if you have participated, leave me a comment and let me know!

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Donna said...

I found some sites I can actually use, while checking these out. Still have more to check.

Mine's up.

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