Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm Voting For Tyler Cruz.

For those who haven't heard, Tyler Cruz and Gyutae Park of Winning the Web have decided to have their very own Battle of the Blogs. They're even giving out prizes to those who vote. For more info on entering the contest, click on the title to this post or on either of the links to the blogs involved.
Really, neither of these blogs are my standard fare, and neither will ever have a chance at being included in my RSS reader. Simply put, they're blogs about earning money from blogging. I'm less than thrilled with that entire genre. I think it's mucking up the blogosphere for those of us who blog for the sake of blogging and are simply happy if a dollar or two happens to come our way because of it.

That said, I went ahead and had a look at the two blogs in question, and read a bit of what each had to say. While neither are thrilling reads, and neither writes on topics that I find interesting, I do find that I appreciate Tyler's writing style a bit more than that of Winning the Web. Tyler's posts are easy to read and easy to understand. They break things down so that even an internet n00b could "get it." Gyute's on the other hand, seem to be overly written and overly complicated.

The other thing I took into consideration is design. Tyler Cruz has a nice graphical header that appears to have been custom made for his blog, and shows a friendly, fun representation of the author of the blog. It sets the stage nicely. His colors are all of a complimentary palette and have a welcoming feel. He ties the whole thing together by using bits of his header in each of his sidebar sections. By contrast, Gyute has a picture of a car in his header. This would be fine if the site were about cars, but it's not. It's about blogging. His template appears to be the same as most any other blog out there, and shows little or no effort put into customization.

So, my vote is for Tyler Cruz. Good luck Tyler!!! I could really use that $100!

In Other News: There will be no Photo Hunt this week. I couldn't come up with a single idea for "skinny" other than re-posting my tree pics from earlier this month. If you're truly desperate for Photo Hunt, go look at that post, cause that's as close as it's coming.

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