Saturday, July 31, 2004

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Bun-Girl's Buns

Magellan (AKA Gellie) is the yellow Dutch on the left and Willie (AKA Sir William) is the grey English Spot on the right. Posted by Hello

The League of Eowyn Voters

Ok, so I've fund a new cause to stand securely behind. I stand before you today and declare my association with the League of Eowyn Voters. To see what the LoEV stands for, click on the title of this post. Posted by Hello

Persons of Note

I wholeheartedly believe in honoring those who stand among us and exemplify the traits we all should strive toward. To that end, Persons of Note will hopefully become a regular part of this blog. The first PoN award goes to a father and son team who have overcome incredible odds and become an inspiration to all who see them. Take a few minutes to check out their website (click on the title of this post) and see if you don't agree that they are certainly Persons of Note. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Is it just me?

It's still generally considered to be bad taste to exploit a minority group for the purposes of entertainment, right?  Apparently UPN doesn't think so.  The latest coil in "reality" tv's downward spiral is a little offering called "Amish in the City".  Now, the way the show's producers are presenting it, it seems reasonable enough.  The Amish believe in a coming-of-age experience called "Rumspringa" in which their young people, when they turn 16, are encouraged to get out an see the world.  This way they can know what they are giving up if they make the commitment to live out the Amish way of life.  An honorable tradition, if ever there is one.  The official website for the show states "The show will follow the stories of five Amish young adults (three men, two women) and their six roommates from diverse backgrounds (three men, three women) as they come to Los Angeles and learn to live with each other in an ultra-modern Hollywood Hills home."  Sounds harmless right? 
First problem:  The idea of Rumspringa is for these young adults to experience what life would be like if they weren't Amish.  I think we have proven time and time again that "reality television" has no connection whatsoever to actual reality.  This show is influencing the biggest decision these young people may ever have to make by presenting them with a totally false world view.
Second problem:  Meet the cast!  We have your typical Amish young people -- Jonas, Miriam, Mose, Randy and Ruth, and then we have their "city-dweller" roommates -- Ariel, Kevan, Meagan, Nick, Reese and Whitney.  (has anyone else noticed that the Amish are outnumbered?)  I don't think I would call these roommates in any way typical or normal.  Check out the little bios for these folks.  I hope the Amish half of the cast doesn't mistake this group as a representation of average American society. 

Then there's the fact that at least one member of the cast has already been baptized.  In the Amish tradition, once you're baptized, if you decide to leave you are completely cut off.  Your family and friends aren't allowed any contact with you whatsoever.  Can you imagine the heartache the guy's poor mother is going through? 

I guess I should no longer be surprized by anything the networks have to offer, but come on -- this is awful, even for them!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


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