Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Seven #129: The Seven Dwarfs


Here's this week's question:

Name the seven dwarfs in the order that you most identify with their character traits, with number one being the one you think is most like you and number seven the one you think least like you.
  1. Sleepy: My husband will attest that I am a notorious night owl, and usually get too little sleep, leaving me tired for the next day. About the only time I do get plenty of sleep is on weekends when I don't have to crawl out of bed until it suits me!
  2. Sneezy: Ever since I moved to Texas I swear I've been suffering from one seasonal allergy or another. If I'm not sneezing, my eyes are itchy or my skin is, or I'm just all stuffy. I guess it really is possible to become used to anything because a lot of the time I barely notice it anymore!
  3. Doc: Well, there's the glasses to start. Then there's the way he trips over his words -- you should hear me leaving messages for clients at work!
  4. Bashful: I'm not the biggest fan of the spotlight, despite what some might assume.
  5. Grumpy: It's somewhat rare to find it, but those who know me best have undoubtedly found themselves in the grip of my Grumpy side. Most of the time I'm pretty easy going though, so this one finds itself pretty low on the list.
  6. Dopey: I can be a bit dopey at times. I'm also told I'm often too quiet.
  7. Happy: I'm not one who just walks around with a grin plastered across my face. People who don't know me often assume I'm in a bad mood, just because I'm not constantly smiling. Not true at all! I just don't smile unless I have reason to!
So there's my list. How about you? I'd love to hear how everybody else ranks the dwarfs. Please leave your response in the comments, or post it on your blog and leave me a link. And don't forget to go visit Patrick's Place and let him know what you come up with too!

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Teena said...

It's surprising how different ours were :)

I played too!

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