Sunday, February 10, 2008

MTC #7

The BlogNinjas are getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit with another orgy of Mystery Topic Challenge goodness. You don’t have to be a Blog Ninja to take part but if you want the “special loving” click here.

Here's the question as posed by Killer and Biologisvensk:
You awaken to find yourself stranded on a deserted island with nothing but a pocket knife, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and Britney Spears. How did you get there, and what do you do now?
This one's not really my cup of tea for a few reasons. I don't drink, and I can't stand Brit, so I guess I'd give her the Jack Daniels and hope she'd drink herself into a stupor. I figure I have a pretty good chance there. Then, I'd use the pocket knife to forage for whatever necessities I might be able to find. I suppose I'd also need to construct some form of shelter, probably by tying together leaves and vines into a canopy of sorts and stringing it up between trees, then doing the same to form tent-like walls. I'm hoping there are coconuts and other edible fruits on this island... and maybe a fresh spring too. I guess I'd have to do some exploring to find out. In the end, I'm betting I wouldn't stay lost for long as it seems that the paparazzi couldn't possibly be apart from Brit for very long, so I'm sure they'd be pooling their resources to locate her (and by proxy me). Wow, I guess she is good for something after all!


Killer said...

You should take this opportunity to get to know Britney, maybe there is more to her. Oooooh, I'm just kidding. You should keep the Jack however, it could come in handy as an antiseptic.

The Absurdist said...

I would probably use jack as an antiseptic before I drank it.


Andy D said...

Good call on giving Brit the Jack. If no one found you, she might be good for a few laughs.

Shiloh said...

I read ya. I don't drink, and if I hear about Britney one more time I just might scream! I decided I'd just tie her up and gag her with vines and scrap of fabric, and use the Jack Daniels to build a bonfire, like Elizabeth did in the first "Pirates of the Caribbean."

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Dear BunGirl [is that who your are, or, what you do?]:
If it was me I would probably tie up vines like you, only they would turn out to be poison ivy. Then I would not share the drink, and cave in to my own lack of self-control and drain the bottle of Jack Daniels. Then I would have fallen off a rock into a tide pool, knocked unconcious, and be stung repeatedly all night by sea snakes.

When I awoke I would not go to the mountain top in the center of the island to train for my encounter with the death angel Brit'ney Spears.

Rather, I would eat the wrong berries, and in the end be bitch-slapped soundly by the girl in brassier and over-stressed spandex.

The three objects of Brit'ney, Jack Daniels, and desert island all make this trist an epic failure before it even gets started. I would be rescued, as you describe, but fall out of the helocopter when it turns to go home.

We were clever once, but now we are too old. [I sometimes refer to myself as "We." Don't worry.]

That's all I've got.
It has been nice meeting you. >Pat

MTNotes said...

i'm just excited cuz mtc is my initials!

BunGirl said...

Huh... never thought of that. You should probably come be a blog ninja too then!

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