Tuesday, February 26, 2008

dNeero on Sneakers

I must confess, I wear sneakers almost every day. They're my favorite shoes because they're just so darned comfy! Here's the pair I wear all the time. I'm on my second pair of this particular style. I wore the last pair till they were just falling apart. I LOVE my Sketchers!


MTNotes said...

i just ordered me some pumas.

i used to swear by adidas sambas but they're just too costly nowadays

Andy D said...

my wife got me into Sketchers. I wear them when I am on "my time". On "work time", my lovely wife (who is much smarter at shoes than me) showed me the glory that is Dansko.

BunGirl said...

Yeah, I'm lucky in that my boss actually expects me to wear athletic gear to work... Of course, that's largely because a big part of my job includes wrestling large dogs into submission. When I used to have a "real job", I wore "grown-up shoes" more often... lol

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