Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Life in BunGirl's World...

Busy busy busy today... Some things that have been going on:

  • Last weekend while I was at Irish Fest, our littlest dog Donovan got himself in a good deal of trouble. Grump arrived home to find that he had pulled the water line off the back of the toilet and flooded the bathroom. The water then ran under our flooring and through the bedroom and living room. We've been dealing with the aftermath ever since. I haven't slept in my own bed in days because the bedroom is all torn up right now and there have been several industrial-strength dryers running non-stop down there. As of this morning we're down to one dryer. Next step is to get the flooring folks to come out and measure and whatnot and see how bad the damage is there. I'll be glad when this is over.
  • The very same little imp got neutered today, so now I have two dogs wandering around in e-collars. It's kinda cute -- they match.
  • Big bunny-business meeting tonight, which means stuff to do. If anyone is reading this in the Dallas/Denton area and would like to help out, just let me know! We can always use more foster homes, and there are lots of other ways to help too. Also, could use a projector that would run from my laptop, for classes and slide shows and such, so if anyone out there knows of a place to get such a thing for under $400 (cheapest I've found so far) or a place who would be willing to donate one to a 501(c) group, please let me know!


jan said...

Wow, I thought I had heard of all the destructive things our furry friends can come up with. This is a new one.

MTNotes said...

'bad dog! bad!'

hope you're dryin' out ok.

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