Tuesday, March 04, 2008

dNeero Survey: Pizza -- It's A Food Group!

I loooove pizza, but since we live way out in the boonies, I can't get it delivered very easily. The only place around here that delivers is Mr. Jim's, and I'm not what you might call a fan of their pies. (though their nacho sticks will do in a pinch) Imagine my elation when I saw them putting up a Dominos sign just down the road the other day! Dominos is by no means my favorite, but they're miles better than Mr. Jims, so I'll take it!


MTNotes said...

i couldn't believe the junk they called pizza in the midwest. this think flaky crusty crap with cheddar on it?

dominos to the rescue, and i don't like them too much either, but it beats the other junk.

Princess Jami said...

Oh, my goodness! How many pizzas HAVE I had since January 1st?! I'm a little horrified to contemplate the answer. I've been on a pizza kick, lately, trying to find the best place near home and work. Heh.

Near home - The Garlic Knot.../slurp (my mouth is watering thinking of those garlic knots)

Near work - Anthony's. They have fresh basil I can put on as a topping. Delish.

We'll have to go to one or both of those places when you can come out to see us. :-)

BunGirl said...

You know Jami, I might just hold you to that... You're not the type to get annoyed if I put things like pineapple on my pizza, right? lol

Princess Jami said...

Nope! The more pineapple the better. The Mister is the one who is the Pepperoni only purist with the boring pizzas. He does not want fruit on his pizza pie. hee.

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