Friday, January 12, 2007

Fun Socks

Anybody else out there have a thing for cute or fun socks?

I recently got a chain letter from a good friend that's actually kinda fun... Now first, let me say that normally I DON'T DO chain letters. Frankly, most of them are insulting! But this one is kinda neat. The idea is, when you get the letter there are two addresses at the bottom. You send a pair of cute socks to the first address. Then you move the second address up to number one and add your address as number two. Then you pass it on to six people. Simple, huh? Sounds like a lot of fun to me, since I really have a thing for cute and funky socks! Anyway, my dilemma is this: most of my friends do not appreciate socks the way I do. So I gotta find some people to send the sock letter to! If you're interested, email your address to and I'll send you the letter. You MUST be willing to send a pair of socks and to pass it on to six more people for this to work. Thanks!

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