Friday, January 12, 2007

Belisi Fashions

Peter Belisi started out as a bartender in a high-end bar in Palm Beach. But his story doesn’t end there. This entrepreneur wanted to make it big, and he is doing just that! As the owner of Belisi Fashions, he now sells beautiful hand-made silk neck ties (like the one pictured here) and other fashionable accessories. There is even a “Tie of the Month Club” where you can either receive a tie chosen be his designers, or choose your own each month at a discount. His designs are really quite remarkable, and his approach rather novel.

I know that the movement in most of our culture right now is away from the more formal styles, but honestly I don’t think any guy should be without at least a couple of well-made ties. Girls like me still melt over a well-dressed man.

I know this post belongs at BunGirl's Reviews, but until I get some solid readership there, I will be cross posting on both sites.

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