Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Cafe Press is having an anti-Valentines Day contest. While I am NOT anti-Valentines Day, the Moose (grump that he is...) certainly is. So, it is in his honor that I've created a new shirt:

There's a guys tshirt and a girls tshirt.


Bun-Girl said...

Hey folks, this is STILL a family-friendly blog. Any comments that don't meet that criteria WILL be deleted as our friend Nancy has now found out.

jan said...

Shame on Nancy.

I think your shirt idea has a definite market. Valentine's Day has turned from a day to spontaneously show you like/love someone to a big commercial ploy with expensive expectations and a lot of guilt.

Love your videos.

Bun-Girl said...

Well thank you very much Jan! Mostly, I just did it for fun, but it'd be even MORE fun if it actually sold! LOL

Nancy said...

my bad. am just an occasional reader & didn't realize i was crossing a line - will attempt better self censorship in the future.

Bun-Girl said...

No worries Nancy. I just didn't want to delete your comment without mentioning why. :)

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