Monday, February 07, 2005

Pet Peeve time...

Hi. My name is Holly and I am a female gamer.

(your line is "Hi Holly!")

Of the two people in my household, one could certainly say I am the more likely to have played any particular game, unless it has a name similar to "NHL 2K5" or "MLB 2004". Our Blockbuster account has a "Gamepass" attached, and it was Grump's gift to me. I rent
the overwhelming majority of games on said pass.

Yet every single time we go into Blockbuster to rent a game, the clerk at the counter tries to strike up a conversation with Chris about the merits of this or that game, or how Game 2 compared with its predecessor Game 1. Example: Last night we were returning a game that was like #5 in the series. It went something like this:

Store Clerk: So, did you enjoy this one?
Grumpamoose: Not Really
Bun-Girl: Not at all
SC (to GM): Remember #4 in the series?
GM (who had never owned a game console pre-marriage): No
B-G: I do
SC (still very definitely speaking to GM): Yeah, it was a lot like (Other Game)
(GM has effectively now dropped out of the conversation, as he is unfamiliar with either of the games being compared)
B-G: Almost exactly like it, I'd say.
SC (again to GM?!?!): It was like they took the same game, changed the graphics, and took away (game element). Like it was the same game.
B-G: Exactly.
SC: Well, enjoy this one Man, no due date.
GM: Thanks.

Why is it that most people assume that because I'm a girl, I know nothing about gaming? I enjoy a good RPG or RTS as much as the next guy! Yet everyone assumes that the hubby is the gamer and I am just there with him. It only adds irony when you realize that he is SO not a gamer. This is not only Blockbuster. The most fun occurs when I wander into Gamestop or EB
unaccompanied. The staff seems to assume that I am lost and in need of guidance. Then, should I actually attempt to purchase something, I have actually had cashiers try to talk me out of buying a game ("This is a pretty difficult title, you sure you wouldn't like something easier?") or assume it MUST be a gift ("Thank you, your gift receipt is in the bag.") And I won't even get into some of the comments I used to get when I worked in a game shop. (Table-top games, not video games -- an even more male-dominated genre!)

So, if anyone out there reading this has ever had misconceptions about such things, I'll state this clearly on behalf of women gamers everywhere: Just because I'm a girl does not mean that I couldn't school you on a game of your choosing. Do not assume that the only game I play is The Sims (I do, but not exclusively. Not by a long shot!) Above all, do not treat me as an accessory on the arm of a man when I am in a game store with my significant other.


Princess Jami said...

Woo-hoo! Right on, Sister! I'm not nearly the gamer you are, and consequently, I haven't had the same issues as you, but I still know more about gaming than some guys think I do. It's a miniscule amount, but I'm learning! :) Respect us, guys!

I liked when a girl's gaming team beat the socks off the guys on TSS a few weeks back. :D

Does it kind of aggravate you, though, that some of those girl-gamer groups try to impress the males by being in Playboy? Doesn't that just reinforce the stereotype that girl heroes are extra-boobular? Ugh.

Princess Jami said...

Hi, Holly...I just bought myself a lovely new you have any recommendations for games or anything? I respect your gaming opinion. :)

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