Thursday, February 10, 2005

I do not watch reality TV

But I may find myself watching American Idol this season. If href="">this guy is any good, I
will certainly watch in support of him. I love what he is trying to do,
and while I don't hold much hope that the average AI viewer will be ready
and willing to accept him, I do hold some hope that maybe he can reach a
few people out there, and maybe he can pave the way for others. Anyway, go
read about him for yourself. What an exciting calling! (And he's fairly
local too...)

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Nixon Casablanca said...

I was quite pleased he made it through despite the horrid comments from that womanizing hedonist freakazoid Gene Simmons.

My heart is with Carrie Underwood from Oklahoma.

I too watch little-to-no reality TV, but am hooked on Idol this year, as I recently confessed on my blog.

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