Thursday, February 10, 2005

Illustration Friday Theme: Year of the Rooster

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Well, I wanted to accomplish two things with this:
1. I wanted him to look unfinished, as the year is just beginning and we don't really know what it may look like by the end. (I think instead of unfinished, it looks sloppy...)
2. I wanted him to be looking up. I think I sorta got this one, kinda.
Anyway, feedback is always appreciated!


Anonymous said...

i think he looks cute. maybe next time, if you want to make him look unfinished on purpose, try making half or part of his body completed (with details and all that) and leave the other part softer, sketchier and unfinished. i think then it will draw the viewer to see that you have a meaning behind it. just a little constructive criticism... hope that helps! i do like it!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Anonymous up there...and I'm glad she left pointers, because I wouldn't know how to make something look 'unfinished'.

He's enough rooster to allow me to 'hear' him crowing.. ;-)
rowena aka pussicat@

Joe said...

I got your idea ok! The wing is not finished. Don't be so hard on yourself!

Bun-Girl said...

Thanks for the idea. I should have thought of that. I really appreciate everyones' feedback as I am a bit rusty on my illustration skills (not that they were ever great to begin with) and I am trying to slowly get myself back into it. This is probably the first hand-drawn piece I have done in several years. Anyway, thanks again!

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