Sunday, December 09, 2007

How to make your photos talk for free!

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While surfing today I came across an interesting post from OrangeInks in which I was introduced to PQ Talking Photo. It seems they've come up with a new software that you can use to make your photos talk, like so:

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Of course, the uses for this would be plentiful and plenty of fun. But, the software costs $59.90, which is perhaps more than you can justify spending right now, with Christmas around the corner and all. No worries! They're giving it away for free. That's right FREE. All you have to do is blog about it on an established blog (at least 10 prior posts) and then email the link to the good folks at to get your free copy. But watch out, time is ticking... the contest is only running now through Christmas, so better make it quick!


Louie said...

I really love dogs :) Thanks for the link and have a great day. :)

Rampantheart said...

Great post!Thanks for sharing the info!Good luck with the contest!

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