Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Russian story update

Ok, I know I've been promising to post my thougths on Russia for several weeks now (my how the time does fly!), and I have been working on it. The problem is that I was hoping to post a day-by-day, event-by-event account of my week in Ekat, but there are some fairly big gaps in my memory. (Can you be senile at 24?) So, since I still can't remember several things, and the memories aren't getting any fresher with age, I have now scrapped what I was originally going to post, and I will be writing a shorter, less detailed synopsis. I will be posting this at some point tomorrow, since I'll be home all day. (financial institutions get the greatest holidays!) Soo... if there's anything specific you'd all like me to talk about, leave it in the comments here, and I'll try to include it!

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Princess Jami said...

Hello, B-G! What one event/person/thing affected you the most? Or, what were the lessons you learned? How did you get closer to Grumpa-moose? Well, whatever you post will be fine, too, IMO. :)

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