Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm back

Ok, I think this week I am finally back among the living. I've learned my lesson: don't go back to work on Monday if you're flying in from Europe on Sunday! Anywho, I had planned to give you a run-down on my week in Russia, day by day, event by event, and I will still be doing this, but it's taking some time to write, so here's this week's installment of Unconscious Mutterings in the meantime:

  1. Right now:: Van Halen
  2. Halloween:: Costume
  3. Provider:: Insurance
  4. Rescue me:: Madonna
  5. Confidence:: I'm Confident of This Very Thing
  6. Fungus:: Mushrooms
  7. Candy corn:: Autumn
  8. Reunion:: Class
  9. Winner:: Prize
  10. Tradition:: Fiddler on the Roof

It seems I am very musically minded today... enjoy!

1 comment:

Princess Jami said...

I love Fiddler on the Roof. I've got Sound of Music for one of my answers, this week. :-)

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