Tuesday, April 08, 2008

dNeero Survey: It's In the Cards

It should be no surprise to anyone who knows me that I love to play online card games. Probably my favorite is Club Pogo's Canasta, but you have to be a member to play, and I let that membership run out quite some time ago. Still, there are several free card games on that site as well, and the quality on most of them is top-notch. So if you're ever playing on Pogo, and you run across a member named hmelton102800, say hello!


Andy D said...

Yeah, I should play cards. I'm not online enough writing and reading blog's as it is. I am sure my wife will understand :)

BunGirl said...

Hey, if you're not a gamer, you're not a gamer. I am. So are several other of the readers here. (hi guys!)

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