Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Psalm 31:14

"But I trusted in thee, O Jehovah: I said, Thou art my God." (ASV)

Trusting in God is often something easier said than done, but it is so crucial if we want to live the lives He has planned for us. Often we pray to Him and He doesn't answer the way we thought He would. He does things in His own time. His ways are mysterious to us. We see good people get hurt, we see natural disasters decimate entire populations, and we wonder if God can be trusted to handle things.

The truth is, He absolutely can and should be trusted. Things that seem tragic or even evil to us may serve a greater good. There is no way for us to know God's motives for the things He does or the things He allows, but that's ok. It's not up to us to decide whether He should act or not. It's entirely dependent upon His most perfect will. Someday, when we enter through the gates of heaven, all things will be made clear to us, but for now our job is simply to trust and obey.

But how can we trust in a God we don't even understand? How can we allow Him control over us when we don't agree with all of the decisions He might make? It is foolishness to believe that we know better than God what is best. It's like the hobbyist who tries to tell the professional how to do his job. We need to remember that God made us. He made this world. He knows it better than we can even begin to grasp. Who would you trust to fix something more than the one who originally created it? Just because we don't understand what our mechanic is doing under the hood of our car doesn't mean that he's doing something wrong. In the same way, just because we don't understand God's plan doesn't mean it's not what is best for us.

So what should we do then when doubts begin to creep in and we find ourselves interfering with matters we have already given over to God? As Christians, we should be praying every day that God would work His will in our lives. But we also need to pray that he would strengthen our faith in Him so that we can learn to step back out of His way and just trust that He is doing it.


Timm said...

"But who are you, O man, to talk back to God? Shall what is formed say to him who formed it, 'Why did you make me like this?" Romans 9:20

You are so right. God's divine soverignty is so far beyond our understanding. This is why our faith is such a wonderful faith. God does not fail us... not ever. Thanks

I love this Blog! Keep up the good work.

Bun-Girl said...

Great reference there -- had I thought of it at the time, I would have certainly included it! (I love Romans... it's one of my favorite books.)

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