Monday, May 28, 2007

A Meme

Ok, so it's Memorial Day, and as I'm sure you can tell by now, I took the day off from writing my normal daily post. Not that I NEEDED a day off, after having a couple of weeks off, but it's easier to write when the hubby's not home... quieter. So, no devotional message for today, but I thought it might be fun for all of you to get to know me a little better, so I'm stealing a meme from Princess Jami. Yeah, ok, I wasn't tagged, but she didn't tag anyone, and since I (along with many others) was mentioned in her answers, I figure it's fair game.

Two names I go by:
  1. Holly (my real name)
  2. BunGirl
I think there may actually be more people who know me as BunGirl these days than as Holly. I don't know if that's a good thing or if that's just really sad... I'm choosing to believe it's good though!

Two things I am wearing right now:
  1. A Creative Memories t-shirt. (yes, I am a consultant)
  2. Purple Mickey Mouse capris. (pj pants -- because I can, that's why)
Two things I want in a relationship:
  1. trust
  2. to be evenly yoked
Two favorite things to do:
  1. surf the net
  2. play with my pets
Two things I want VERY BADLY:
  1. a nice sewing table so I can actually have room to work on all the projects I want to do
  2. a bigger, funner, cooler rat cage for my girls. Maybe one like this.
Two pets I've ever had:

Just two??? Are they kidding??? Ok... here are two from my childhood...
  1. Goldfish: Fush and Goldie. These are the earliest pets that were actually mine. I count them as one, because lets face it, caring for one goldfish is exactly the same as caring for two, with the exception of quantity of food.
  2. A cat named Kit Kat. This was the first and last cat I ever had because I found out that I am horribly, deathly allergic. Also, I'm pretty sure this cat was pure evil. She would jump up on my sister's head and dig in claws and teeth every time she tried to hold her. She loved to hide under my Mom's bed and shred her stockings as she put them on in the morning. The final straw was when she hopped up in a chair, turned to face us, and peed all over an afghan my grandmother had made for my sisters dolls. Mysteriously, she ran away shortly thereafter.
Two things I did last night:
  1. Signed WildRescue up for eventful. (Slightly OT, if you're in the Dallas area, our president is offering a class on rehabbing baby cottontails. Details at either of the links above.)
  2. Re-installed a bunch of stuff on my computer. I'm still in recovery mode (figuratively, not the actual Windows recovery mode) from the crash. I keep finding more and more stuff (like Adobe this afternoon) that I need to redownload. SUCH a pain.
Two people who live in my house:
  1. me
  2. Grumpamoose (former contributer to this blog, and my hubby)
Two things I ate today:
  1. hot dog (lunch)
  2. pasta (dinner)
Aren't I such a healthy eater? :-P

Two people I talked to last:
  1. my hubby
  2. the manager of the Lewisville PetSmart (to set up an adoption event)
Two things I'm doing tomorrow:
  1. writing (I promise!)
  2. trying to catch up on the ton of email still sitting in my inbox from when my comp was down
Two favorite holidays:
  1. Christmas
  2. Thanksgiving
We usually try to go up to PA to visit with my family for one or the other of these holidays every year. It's so great when the whole extended family gets together under one roof and celebrated the blessings God has granted us!

Two favorite beverages:
  1. coffee (or anything remotely resembling it -- even instant will do in a pinch)
  2. tea -- preferably a bizarre new flavor that most people have never heard of. I'm much more adventurous with my tea than almost anything else.
So anyway, that's a little about me. If you read this and you have a blog, consider yourself tagged. Make sure you post a link for me in the comments though, so I can come read your answers too!


Princess Jami said...

You are perfectly welcome to steal. :-)

Purple Micky Mouse capris - hee

Oooohhh...sewing table!!

Whoa...awesome cage.

Do bunnies carry the plague? How can you tell, before you rescue?

Do you like Yerba Mate? My friend says it tastes like freshly-mown lawn, but I don't know.

Bun-Girl said...

The plague??? You mean rabies? While it's possible for rabbits to carry disease, most of the ones they do carry can't be caught by humans. Mostly you just have to quarantine them from the other bunnies until you know they're healthy.

I've never actually tried Yerba Mate... If I ever run across a sample size or something, I'll be sure to review it! ;)

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