Sunday, June 04, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings June 4th

  1. Fraud :: Crime

  2. Cure :: Race

  3. Slate :: Clean

  4. Pretentious :: Materialistic (oddly enough this was the Scripture Reference for the sermon at our church this morning!)

  5. Splendid :: Wonderful

  6. Geek :: Code ( GO d- s+: a- c++ U--- P L E W++ N o-- K- w O M V PS- PE Y-- PGP- t-- 5-- X+ R++ tv+ b++ DI++++ D- G- e* h-- r+++ x+++ )

  7. Blister :: In the Sun *language/content may not be appropriate for all audiences (hey -- it was high school -- I had no musical taste then apparently)

  8. Pizza :: Ham and Pineapple

  9. Revive :: CPR

  10. Visionary :: Revolutionary

1 comment:

Princess Jami said...

Man, I haven't done these for a long time. Great words for yours. :-)

Um, yeah, I don't know the Code! But I got "Blister in the Sun". And Ham and Pineapple pizza is the best. With olives. And fungus. ;-)

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