Monday, October 10, 2005

Calling all animal-lovers!

Just got a message from the woman who runs the rescue where we got two of our three buns. I wanted to pass it on in case any of you would like to help. This is in the Dallas area, so it may not apply so much to those of you who don't live around here... so sorry! Here's the full text:

Hello my friends - first, please feel free to forward this email to whomever you think might be interested. It's time that I reached out to those of you who care about what I do and open up the floor to debate.

We all know that I am finally divorced and kinda "homeless" - which only means that I haven't landed where I need to yet. Many of you have offered me a room at your home, which is amazing, incredible and wonderful. And I may take a few of you up on it!! Currently I am at my vet's house - Dr. Rogers - here in north Frisco. It's kinda inbetween the sanctuary in McKinney and Lewisville. But I will have to make up my mind and get a "home" very soon. I can't wear out my welcome!! Yes, I am putting quite a few miles on the car!!

So help me think here. The Sanctuary really needs a big facelift - lumber work, getting trees donated (we know the kind we need), sprucing up the exterior and building new shelters for the interior. And that's just the beginning. We need to build/get a kinda "shed" where we can store our carriers/caging so that it doesn't look like a Jeff Foxworthy backyard We currently have about 80 rabbits now - some are at Katreena's and the rest are at Mikael's.

And now for the weird news. I think there are rabbits sitting in just about every shelter there is here in north Texas. We have received 9 from Carrollton, 2 from Lewisville, 2 from Grand Prairie, 1 from Mesquite, 1 from Garland (and 1 darling rat!!!) but there are still ones sitting at Tri-Cities, Grapevine and Arlington. Help!!! do we continue to rescue, do we change course, what do we do? This is way too big anymore for my shoulders alone, and I need help/advice.

Right now all the adoption papers are packed in a box somewhere (my mind wasn't working when I was packing, sorry). So that resource isn't updated on my mailing labels, but I still have that list. Goes back a few years.

I think we need:

1. People who can really focus on fundraising (helping Tammy and David) - we had to cancel our winetasting fundraiser because of H. Katrina this fall - reschedule? We are pretty darn broke. I would like (in my wildest dreams) to raise $10,000. Well, I can dream!

2. People who can keep up with the media and do press releases/schedule interviews/get us on TV/radio.

3. People who can help keep up the website or teach ME how to do it!

4. People who can look into local and state/national grants!!

5. TRANSPORT! I have spent hundreds of dollars in gas (as have a few of you too!!!) going and getting wildlife/rabbits. I just can't afford to do this anymore - I am filling my tank ($38) almost every other day. sigh. And I know I am not the only one!!!

4. People who just plain old have ideas.

I did focus on one thing - a storefront. We could do adoptions out of it, have a few buns there all the time, have educational seminars, merchandise, etc. Maybe even this could be a drop--off point for our wildlife. What do you think? This 501(c)3 has got to stand for something!! Garage sales - we are having one coming up on the 22nd of October at Katreena and Kristi's house in McKinney (off Eldorado and Lake Forest). We will need help!! Can anyone bake stuff? Help set up/take down? Make signs? Give me a vacation? just kidding.

And then there's the wildlife. I no longer have a real "facility" where I can intake wildlife, get donations, and do that work. Even though I was not really "available" during the summer, and Rick and Michelle took up the slack (boy is THAT an understatement!), WildRescue has still done well over 400 animals so far this year.

That's kinda it in a nutshell. Either I just go and get a job and scale waaaayyy back on 20+ years of work, stop the work, or somehow get paid to DO the work.

I am not a wishy-washy person, I can make decisions. But this time, I am taking it off my shoulders and asking for your thoughts. We can even have a List on egroups to discuss with everyone if you want.

I will try and find other email addresses that are attached to us via wildlife or rabbits and send this message out too. I really look forward to hearing from any and all of you!!!

With much love,


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