Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Ok, it should be no secret that I LOVE tea... I usually have at least 5 or 6 flavors floating around the house at all times. I am somewhat partial to Stash Tea, but I have recently found a new brand to try. Adagio Teas is offering FREE TEA to anyone who links to their site. How wonderful is that? Well, I am not about to pass up such an offer. I am more than happy to link to anyone who would give me free tea for it! If you want in on this offer too, just click the title to this post, or go to the main page and click on "Link to us". Happy brewing!


iWantToKeepAnon said...

How fun is that?!? Personally, I buy tea from

Specifically the Green Tea :

And the Earl Grey :

(hope those urls work). I buy the bulk 1lb option and even that does not last too long. And, IIRC, I am due an order.

Have fun ....

iWantToKeepAnon said...

Just got my tea, they sent me a sample of citron green. Smells great and taste pretty good too. I might even order some.

I put a link on my blog ( to them even tho I knew 2 things:

1: They are buying search engine rankings2: They are trying to create traffic in the feedback section to create the illusion of a high traffic site.

But free tea ... who cares?!? What did you get bun-girl?

Bun-Girl said...

You know, the thing is, if you give me free stuff in return, I'm more than willing to help you get better search engine rankings. ;) I got vanilla -- my FAVE tea is French Vanilla, so I am at least a little surprised that they read my mind so well!

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