Friday, September 03, 2004


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Hey, anybody remember the band Creed? They had some really hot songs in the 1999-2000ish time frame. About that time I was working at a CD store in the Philly suburbs, and we played these guys all the time. There was this huge debate about whether or not they were a Christian band. They fervently denied being such, but kept writing lyrics that really felt spiritually inspired (and quoting the Bible at times). Now, I won't say that the above makes them a Christian band, particularly when it's mixed with some rather abrasive language and attitude, but I do say (and did say) that it at the very least shows a soul in search (and on the right track!). Aaanywho, we now get the whole story, from the frontman himself, and I hope my former coworkers are reading it!

Thanks to Bill from The Thinklings for posting about this article!

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