Monday, August 01, 2011


Just had to share this...


Jan said...

Thanks for sharing this.

When a football player holds a leather football over his boy parts, he's obviously more interested in self promotion and a future in show biz than making an "ethical" statement.

I think people are finally seeing PETA as a danger to humans and animals and not just harmless kooks who wuv animals.

Andy D said...

Very interesting. I've often thought that PETA's priorities are way out of whack. If they are killing that many animals each year, then their priorities are WAY out of whack.

Anonymous said...

I have been vegetarian since aged 6 (which means 24 years of vegetarianism now) ; my family are not vegetarians but I respect their preferences and they respect mine. I am nearly vegan actually, since I avoid dairy whenever possible. I have fasted some days due to lack of vegetarian food available during travels to places off the regular track.

Nevertheless I'm not a big fan of PETA. I think they just ridiculise the animal rights battle more than helping it. Each time they make a good point and you think they learnt their lesson, they ruin it with the next campaign when they just make it look too ridiculous to take seriously. I remember they had a series of famous (mainly female) celebrities posing naked for the sake of animal rights ; as a vegetarian I abstain from leather clothing or leather shoes, but I don't need to go naked for proving I can do without animal products. Many people will look at the naked models without getting the point PETA tries to make. And this is something they do very often: trying to make a point, but failing in it. Another example was the one interview where Obama squatted a fly and PETA made a huge fuzz about it. Whereas I would not kill an innocent fly that zooms around my head, I also don't think PETA will help in making their message heard by pretending Obama just committed a murder. People were almost forgetting what Obama was talking about, instead they were talking about Obama killing a fly. If this is the way PETA is trying to make their voice heard, I fear they don't help the animal rights a lot. There's a lot of animal rights organisations who do a job which I'd say is much better, but sadly enough get little media attention. PETA gets the attention of the media, but I doubt it does their cause any good in the way they reach the media.

Also, despite being vegetarian since very early childhood, I think it's a choice each person must make for himself. Enforcing it on others will have the reverse effect. Most of my family are meat eaters, of my friends only few are vegetarian. They respect me and won't serve me any meat or fish, and I am not preaching against them about their choice to eat meat. PETA tries to make people consider vegetarianism, but I'm afraid their way of converting will not have the desired effect. You cannot convince someone when you're approaching them in an aggressive way. Respect for other opinions is key, otherwise those others won't bother listening to your statement. PETA makes that mistake often. I'm sure they all intend very well, but they still mess up often enough in their campaigns.

BunGirl said...

Good comments, anon. While I'm not a vegetarian myself (far from it!) I can certainly respect those who choose such a lifestyle for themselves. I've had friends who are veg, and I'm more than happy to serve them meat-free meals when they are in my home.

But PETA, and their followers, are not welcome. I don't appreciate the ridiculous antics they use to try to draw attention to themselves. I don't appreciate their stance on keeping animals as pets (obviously) and I think that they're frankly just a bunch of thugs trying to push their agenda down our throats.

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