Saturday, June 19, 2010

Say it isn't so!

I actually agree with a feminazi feminist??

Well, the first shirt discussed in the above article doesn't bother me at all. I don't 100% agree with its message, but I don't think it's worth protesting over. But the second? In our culture today, that's a dangerous message. Eating disorders are an epidemic, and there are more kids in American high schools who have body image issues than don't. And let's face it, UO, with it's size 0 (or less) models, is not targeting this message toward people who actually need to diet.

Of course, me boycotting their store would be like me boycotting Mars. Since I don't ever go there anyway, I doubt it will make much difference to them! Still, who's with me?

One of these days I may get back to the design talk, but given that Blogger has just launched totally new design tools, it seems I may be too late...


Jan said...

I agree. The slogan "You (meaning women) can't be too rich or too thin" has probably killed enough women without repeating the idea.

Andy D said...

Hmm...I feel I could write a full blog post on this...something to ponder...anyway, my thoughts:

1) I agree with the "Father" tshirt. I have a six year old. I believe it is my duty to make sure she stays a virgin until she is old enough to understand the consequences of having sex. Maybe that makes me old fashion, or I have a "view that I own my daughter", but if I don't try to protect her, who will?

2) The "eat less" shirt is enough to keep me out of the store. Again, I want to protect my daughter and I don't need a t-shirt attacking her image of herself.

3) I thought it was interesting in the first link to Shelby Knox that the article asks why Ms. Knox is attacking Urban Outfitters when there are plenty of other tshirts like this out there, and the real reason came out: Urban Outfitters is owned by Richard Haynes – he has ties to Rick Santorum and the Proposition 8 stuff. It's bad enough that she disagrees with a tshirt, but the company has "ties" to a Republican!

I am sorry, but seeing the "feminist" of the left and their attitude towards Islam and other issues that affect women make me really wonder about someone like Shelby Knox's motives.

BunGirl said...

I think my only issue with the father shirt is that it denies personal responsibility. I think that raising a child right goes a long way toward them living right, but in the end it's the girl's choice what she does with what she's been taught. I wish more parents out there were "old fashioned" like you Andy!

And I'm totally with you on her motives. Which is why I'm shocked that I actually agree with her on something (anything at all!). I am definitely not a fan of the whole feminist movement.

Not So Average Mama said...

I'm going to have to agree with Andy. I'm a mom of all girls and I try my hardest to protect them from body image issues. I already deal with it with my 12 year old. She thinks she is fat....ugh....

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