Friday, December 04, 2009

Sometimes they just get it wrong.

Two posts in one week??? What is this world coming to???

Usually, I love the Onion. They're hilarious.

Unfortunately, all too often, they've had a sample of the liberal kool-aid, as in the example at the left.

Because obviously Kirk Cameron is the best spokesperson for the Intelligent Design movement.

Clearly we don't have any top scientists who would dare to believe in something as out-dated as God or Creationism.

And how dare an actor like Cameron contradict a great mind like Richard Dawkins (the guy pictured below him)?

What is this world coming to? Next thing we know those looney Christians will try to disprove man-made global warming! Oh wait...

Further Reading:
Probably the best book (though not by far the only one!) I've found for those who want the entire argument laid out for them is The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel.


jan said...

Standing ovation.

I wish you would write more often.

BunGirl said...

lol -- I know. I need to really. Just hard to force the words sometimes.

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