Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I love goofy and/or artistic tees. I love browsing through the million and ten tee shirt sites out there. One problem though, they're usually just a bit on the expensive side. I mean, I donno about anyone else, but it'd have to be a pretty special shirt for me to shell out $25 plus shipping.

Today, I found teextile.

They have five shirts a week, designed by the teextile community. You can vote on shirts to determine which will make the cut. Shirts are listed for a week. Today's shirt is $12. The other four are $15. $2 shipping. If you voted for the shirt, you get free shipping. If you designed it (anyone can) you get $4 per shirt sold.

I think I have a new fave shirt site.

Here are a few that caught my eye:

2 Tone Tree on teextile

2 Tone Tree

BY Aliera

Fly away ........... on teextile

Fly away ...........

BY starryeyez

rise from the ashes on teextile

rise from the ashes

BY famousafterdeath

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