Saturday, April 04, 2009

Glow ball fun!

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog is one of my favorite reads. A while back, Jan wrote that she was hosting a contest by Two Knobby Tires to give away some incredibly cool glow-in-the-dark dog toys. A little while later, she announced that I was the winner! (and there was much rejoicing among the fur-kids!) Here's what Vali spent the evening doing:

Apologies for the low quality, I was filming on my camera phone in the dark... lol


Robert J Miller said...

We're glad you like the ball :) and are considering selling them individually. How do you like the frisbee and carabiner light in comparison to the ball? Thank you, Two Knobby Tires

BunGirl said...

Well I like the frisbee just fine, but the dogs don't seem particularly interested other than my little one who just wants to chew on it. The collar light is great though -- we live in a poorly lit neighborhood, so my hubby's been using it whenever he takes them for walks in the evening!

Robert J Miller said...

Great, thank you for your feedback.

jan said...

Those are super cool. Darn, now I wish I had entered my own contest. :)

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