Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I <3 WebComics

Ok, so as I started to say yesterday, now and then the internet is a good place. Or at least directs me to a good link.

Many of you may have noticed the Project Wonderful ad display over there on the right. Sometimes the folks who apply for ads here have really crappy blogs or sites and I don't even give them a second look. I do approve most of them though. Other times something pops up that is simply GREATNESS.

Yesterday morning fell into that second category.

I've always loved webcomics. Unfortunately more often than not the views expressed in them (and the language/violence/sexuality/whatever) are not something I'd be comfortable linking here. There are a ton of great comics I read on a regular basis but I don't promote. But now and then one comes to my notice that doesn't offend any of my sensabilities. The one that submitted an ad for my PW widget yesterday went a step further.

This guy actually drew a comic I COMPLETELY AGREE with. It starts out as him explaining his own faith. Pretty much everything written in that section is something that I could have personally spoken. Several are things that I HAVE personally spoken. That's right -- a webcomic that promotes faith in Christ, rather than laughs at it, dismisses it, or is openly hostile toward it. And then, as if that weren't enough to make me pass on the link to everyone I know, he begins a superhero story based on a Christian character. WOW. I simply don't have the words. So, to RHJunior, THANK YOU for The Fellowship of Heroes. I hope it's ongoing. I'm afraid that it might not be. Can't really tell for sure, but I can't wait to read the next page. Also, for what it's worth, you've earned a permanent link here on my blog. Any comic that correctly uses the term Hineni has earned my utmost respect.


Waffle said...


Thank you for sharing this webcomic. It's quite refreshing from the usual web comics I've seen. :)

Since it's my first time here in your site, I'll have a look around. I love bunnies :)

Lucas said...

I assure you, its ongoing. He just doesn't exactly have a regular update schedule, on any of his comics. I highly encourage you to check those out as well, especially Tales of the Questor.

I was led here by a link on RH's blog

BunGirl said...

Yeah, I have looked at the others too and I love Tales of the Questor. Glad to hear FOH is ongoing though!

Lucas said...

I have links to RSS feeds for all of his comics, if you're interested. Someone posted them on his forums.

BunGirl said...

That would be wonderful -- I keep track of most webcomics through RSS.

Lucas said...

Me too. I've got over 100 to keep track of. I love Google Reader :D

Here are the links:

BunGirl said...

LOL -- that's one of the few things I don't use google for. Mostly because I've been using BlogLines since before I ever heard of Google Reader. Thanks for the links!

Bar Gamer said...

Longtime fan of RH Jr, and not just because of the cute raccoons. But...

I'm Christian, but I've never heard of this "Hineni" thingy?? Help?

BunGirl said...

Hebrew word, means "Here I Am" It's what Abraham said to God way back in Genesis.

Bar Gamer said...

Aha, thank you! Considering the Biblical context, that makes many things much clearer.

Reminds me of this comic, while I'm thinking of it: http://www.genecatlow.com/d/20020424.html

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