Monday, June 23, 2008

Musical Mondays: Summer

This week the theme is Summer, and I can think of no music that fits better than that of the Beach Boys. Summer never officially started for me until we popped the Beach Boys casette into the car radio and rolled the windows down. Picking a single song from their repertoire would be impossible though, so I found on YouTube a medley with a lot of their greatest hits rolled together into one package. Unfortunately, there's a long intro on this video, but the music starts about 1:10 for those who want to skip through.

As for lyrics, here are the lyrics for each of the individual songs that combined to form the medley:
Of course, I would highly recommend checking out the full versions of any of those songs if you like what you hear in the medley, and maybe even checking out some other tunes by the Beach Boys. You really can't go wrong there when you're looking for summery tunes.

Now, on to Pandora's picks:
  1. "Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles
  2. "Blue Moon" by the Marcels
  3. "Because" by the Dave Clark Five
  4. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by the Beach Boys
  5. "Little Bit O' Soul" by Music Explosion

If you'd like to play along with Musical Mondays, check out the rules here, post your tune, and then link it below!

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