Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Matthew 5:16

"Even so let your light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." (ASV)

When most of us hear the word "evangelism" we cringe. We think of it as a guy standing on a soapbox on a corner with a bullhorn. Of course, that's one option for sharing the gospel with the world, but it's far from the only one. The Bible tells us that simply living out our faith can turn others toward God.

Just as in other parts of your life, often what we do is more important than what we say. People learn from example and actions speak louder than words. Even sound preaching is weakened when your walk isn't also in line. We all know those people who claim to be Christians and preach to anyone who will listen, but don't live any differently from the rest of the world. If we don't take their faith seriously, why should the rest of the world? We need to let God's light shine through every part of our lives, not just the easy ones.

So how do we share God with a fallen world? Learn to walk in Faith. Learn to lean on God in times of struggle. Love your neighbor. Love your God. Do all these things in a transparent way, and let those around you see the change in you. True, you're bound to slip up from time to time, but don't be discouraged. We all fall now and then, and allowing the world to see that you messed up but you kept going can be a powerful testimony in itself.

If you learn to reflect God's love and let it shine in your life, you'll soon find that you don't need to preach to strangers. People in your everyday life will want to know why you're so different. They'll see your joy and want a piece of it for themselves. They'll want to know the source, and you'll be ready to share it.

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