Monday, December 12, 2005

Project Runway anyone?

Ok, I think you all know by now that I am no fan of so-called reality TV, but last year I got hooked on one: Project Runway. So, I am happy to say that PR2 has now at last begun! If you don't have cable, or just haven't seen this one, it's a competition for fashion designers, with one eliminated every week, and all the usual hoopla of rtv. I guess the reason I'm drawn to this one is that season 1 highlighted the various designers' talent more that the drama between them. Of course there was drama (anyone ever hear of Wendy Pepper?) but that was not (IMHO) the main point of the show. I am hoping that this year will be the same... we shall see. Anyway, if you're interested, the show is on Wednesday nights, and reruns about 10 times during the week, so you should be able to catch it... If you already watch, leave me a comment and let me know who you're rooting for/against and what you thought of the first 2 episodes!

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