Thursday, May 05, 2005

Repeal the Wright Ammendment!

Set Love Free!!!

The above slogan probably doesn't make a lot of sense to most of you, but if you have ever tried to fly in and out of Love Field in Dallas, you have seen the Wright Ammendment in action. Love Field is a smaller-than-DFW-sized airport that handles all of Southwest Airlines' business to and from Dallas. Years ago, the Wright Ammendment was put into place because (as I understand it) the big guys at DFW didn't want this little airport to cut in to their profits. Now anyone flying out of Love Field can only fly so far without having to get off their plane, claim their luggage, check their luggage again, go back through security, and check in for another flight. If it sounds like a pain in the butt, that's only because it is. HOWEVER there may be an end in sight.

Thanks to Rodney for the link!

Southwest is now agressively lobbying to repeal the Wright Ammendment. Check out their site for more info on this effort!


iWantToKeepAnon said...

Thanks for helping spread the word bun-girl!!

Bun-Girl said...

Southwest flies to Philly now... you better believe I want that Wright Ammendment gone!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Wright amendment was stupid years ago. Now I work for Southwest, so I'm all hyped to get it repealed. And for shame on our Congresswoman who wants to shut Love field down if the repeal goes through.

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