Wednesday, December 22, 2004


First, click the title of this post and go read what the Moose has to say.

I gotta say, I couldn't agree more. We Christians in America have it pretty cushy, when you really look at it. Yet, we waste so much time complaining about how "persecuted" we are. You want to look at real persecution? Check out either of the books below. They are just full of stories (some very recent) of people who put their Earthly lives on the line to follow their God. So few of us here in the USA have any concept of what it is to live in a place where you can be tortured and killed simply for being a Jesus Freak. Next time you feel the need to complain about how hard it is here, think about the men and women in this book, shut your yap, and be grateful that God has placed you in a country where you can worship Him without fear of real persecution.

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